Adele Weiner, Ph.D.
Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University, NYC, NY

Joint Conference of the International Federation of Social Workers and
The International Association of Schools of Social Work
Montreal, Canada - July 30 - August 3, 2000
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Issues in Using the Internet in Education

Basic Internet Resources for Social Work Education

  E-Mail and Mailing Lists  Chat rooms or MOOs   Internet Browsers - Netscape, Explorer, AOL

  Search Engines and Directories

 Virtual Libraries - Electric Library (

  Database Searches - May require registration or paid subscription

  Database Sets -   Online Subscriptions   Social Work Resource Pages

  Course Materials

Visit Some Social Work Education Sites

  •  An Interactive Course Syllabus - Social Dimensions of AIDS (
  • Cross Curriculum Projects and Readings Lists - An Interdisciplinary Curriculum Project - Hunger Across the Curriculum (
  • This Presentation Internet Web Page- Beyond E-Mail: Internet Across the Curriculum (

  • Ideas for Using the Internet Throughout the Curriculum

     Some of these items require directed sites by faculty and others allow student exploration.

      Any Class

     Social Welfare Organization and Policy Courses   Research Courses   Human Behavior in the Social Environment   Practice Courses   Field Courses